Fake victims, fake tenants..

These guys (letsrollforums.com) are onto some things. Look at the exif data posts and the info regarding the tenancy of the WTC. This echos what we would call the “vicsims”, otherwise known as fake victims. Exif data is a form of metadata (data about a file) that is embedded in the file itself. In particular the “victims’ ” metadata shows many of the “victims” pictures were edited on 9/11. How is this possible?

How do we know that those who “died” actually existed? Because the TV told us so. I’m not in agreement with some of their assertions, but a lot of what they say rings true. This is a vast site and takes a lot of reading, and hopefully a fast internet connection.

Whenever someone says to me that they “saw” the planes on 911, I ask why they were in New York that day. Do you know what they usually say? “No, I mean I saw it on the TV”.

If they proclaim they were in New York City on that day I ask where they were that they saw said planes. Particularly what streets and what address. They never answer.

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I have 20 years sound and recording experience. This site exists only to send and receive audio files for my clients.
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