About 911 Solution

After reading about 911 for years I finally found the stuff here. This is how I think it happened.

I’m very sorry for the people hurt and killed that day and the many more hurt and killed subsequently.

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It’s all very sad. I’m afraid few will be punished for these deeds. What can we do? The best I’ve seen so far was posted on godlikeproductions.com by user ZackSavage:

If I may,…

What are you supposed to do now??
What are you supposed to do when you learn Santa Claus is fake??

You reassess your thinking to include your new knowledge. You do not have to do anything special from that point. You do not have shoot anyone or run screaming into the streets.

You simply have to stand your new ground on your hind-legs when challenged on your opinion.

The rest comes naturally.



1 Response to About 911 Solution

  1. John Friend says:

    Hey, glad to see others are on to this stuff. Saw your comments over at kenny’s, hope to see you posting more often. As we know now, everything about 9/11 was a fraud, including the videos, planes, and many of the victims.

    BTW — Fezter has issues with Khalezov’s theory about mini-nucs, although he does not discredit the idea of mini-nucs or other nuclear devices being used. Check out Jeff Prager’s work on this subject also.


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